Lithium/Air Battery Project (Battery 500)     


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Lithium/Air Battery Project (Battery 500) - overview

The 2009 Almaden Institute, Scalable Energy Storage: Beyond Lithium Ion, has inspired the formation of a new project focused on Lithium/Air Rechargeable Batteries.

Goal: create a powerful new battery for electric cars

  • as good as gasoline
  • 500 miles/800 km range per charge
  • a total electric drive system comparable in size, weight and price to a gasoline drive train

Technical Approach:

  • a lightweight 'air-cathode' replaces heavy metal-oxide cathodes of today
  • encapsulated Lithium metal anode


  • this is a very high risk/very high reward, long horizon project
    • 3 years basic science, know of commercial applications before ~2020
    • joint research effort with National Labs and commercial partners
  • if successful, such batteries could dramatically reduce oil dependency