InSight: Collaboration around Video       


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InSight: Collaboration around Video - overview

InSight is an application level, highly programmable, interactive video service framework for building social interaction and collaboration around video content that acknowledges the increasing popularity of video as an integral part of communication and social networking applications. It provides a rich end-user experience in an environment powered by metadata communicated alongside the video, where the video content and expression thereof can be highly integrated.
These notions include 'surfacing' of ideas and information 'buried' in the video somewhere within the content and directly expose these through the concept of timeline based tagging, blogging, chat and commentary that relate to segments of the video. Such dynamic tagging and commentary can drive the visual experience to the next level, bringing up time dependent contextually related information and allowing users to rapidly find video material meeting their needs.
Shared comments can be captured on meetings, presentations and lectures that are recorded and further discussed, searched and edited to drive the overall value of the video content higher. The programmability of the framework will allow new value propositions to be created through different ratings, alternative context filtering etc., where the video is central and key to a whole new experience. The framework will build upon existing video platforms.