Hash Function Fugue     


 Charanjit S. Jutla photo

Hash Function Fugue - overview

The Hash Function Fugue is a cryptographic hashing algorithm, designed by Charanjit Jutla, Shai Halevi and Eric Hall from IBM T.J. Watson Research Center. Fugue was submitted to NIST as a candidate for the next SHA-3 hashing standard.

Original Fugue Specification.

Fugue 2.0 is a tweaked version of the original Fugue Hash Function. It runs about two times faster for 256-bit output. It is based on additional security proofs, i.e. resistance to differential collision attacks, which makes even this faster version immune to differential attacks.

Fugue 2.0 Specification.

An implementation of Fugue 2.0 for Supercop profiling can be downloaded here.