Data Center Networking at IBM Research - India     


Data Center Networking at IBM Research - India - overview

Data center networking effort at IBM Research-India is exploring ways to prevent network from becoming a performance and manageability bottleneck as cloud data centers scale to tens of thousands of servers. Some of the topics that we are currently investigating include: software defined networking (unique value it can bring to an enterprise network and challenges to its adoption) and opportunities for co-optimization of computation, storage & networking using network-aware virtual machine management.

We work closely with IBM Research Labs worldwide (Watson, Austin, China and Haifa) as well with IBM product and services groups within India and outside.

Hiring: We are actively hiring at all levels (fresh BTechs from tier -1 colleges, MTechs and PhDs). Please send your resume to

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  • Mohan Dhawan
  • Vijay Mann
  • Past:
  • Anilkumar Vishnoi (Brocade Systems)
  • Dhruv Sharma (UCSD)
  • Kshiteej Mahajan (Univ of Wisconsin)
  • Praveen Kumar (Cornell Univ)
  • Rishabh Poddar (Univ of Cal., Berkeley)