2012 Workshop on Building Analysis Datasets and Gathering Experience Returns for Security (BADGERS'12) - overview

The BADGERS workshop (affiliated with the ACM CCS conference) is the venue for research on “Big Data” for security.

In contrast to the systems community, security researchers have only recently started collecting and looking at Internet-scale, real-world data (e.g., the EU WOMBAT and the US PREDICT initiatives). Experimental security analysis performed on such data is often hampered by concerns such as confidentiality, privacy, and liability. However attackers have become experts in leveraging the whole Internet to achieve their goals. To understand the modus operandi and the motivations of attackers, both the access to Internet-scale, real-world data and the techniques to mine it for relevant security knowledge are necessary. Hence there is a growing need to widen the scope of data-driven security analysis.

The BADGERS workshop is positioned at the confluence of computer security and general purpose large-scale data processing and aims at bringing together people (e.g., researchers, practitioners, system administrators, security analysts) active in the emerging domain of security-related data collection and analysis for Internet-scale computer systems and networks. By giving visibility to existing solutions, the workshop promotes and encourages the better sharing of data and knowledge. The increasing availability of tools and techniques to process large-scale data (aka “Big Data”) will benefit computer security.


The BADGERS workshop seeks papers in areas related to “Big Data” for security, including the following:

  • Scalable data collection from networks, hosts, or applications
  • Real-time gathering and aggregation of diverse sets of raw data
  • Summarization of raw data with respect to security goals
  • Attack-resilient data collection
  • Characterization of dataset external validity
  • Scalability of security analysis with data volume
  • Scalability of security analysis with concurrent-attack volume
  • Combined historical and real-time security analysis
  • Evaluating result accuracy for large datasets
  • Design of realistic large-scale testbeds
  • Real-time, incremental anonymization for data sharing
  • Successful, failed, and novel models of data sharing
  • Sharing of analysis results and supporting data
  • Internet-scale sharing of security knowledge
  • Legal issues around data collection and sharing

We especially encourage novel and controversial ideas that are not on the above list. Our goal is to create through BADGERS a venue for fruitful discussion about “Big Data” for security.

Important Dates

Submission due: July 16
Acceptance notification: August 13
Camera-ready due: August 24
Workshop date: October 15

(All dates are in 2012.)

Submission Information

The BADGERS workshop solicits two kinds of submissions, regular papers and work-in-progress papers. Regular papers should not exceed 8 pages, excluding well-marked appendixes. Work-in-progress papers should not exceed two pages. Submissions need not be anonymized. We recommend the use of the ACM SIG Proceedings templates for submission. The ACM format is the required template for the camera-ready version. Accepted papers will be published by the ACM Digital Library and/or ACM Press.

Submissions can be made at this URL: http://www.easychair.org/conferences/?conf=badgers12


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Coming soon.

If you have a suggestion of someone you'd like to hear, please send us email at mihai@us.ibm.com.


The workshop is collocated with ACM CCS'12.

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Important Dates

Submissions due:

July 16
Acceptance notification:August 13
Camera ready due:

August 24
Workshop:October 15

(All dates are in 2012.)

Submission Information