Data Fabrication Engine     


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Data Fabrication Engine - overview

Data fabrication is a solution, based on constraint satisfaction technology, that creates meaningful testing data for database applications when real data is unavailable. The data fabrication engine replaces the application’s database with a test database, intercepts queries originating from the application, and injects appropriate fabricated data into the test database. Data can be generated either offline (before testing) or online (during testing). Data fabrication generates useful data based on the application queries and the database schema, as well as on testing knowledge and user directives that embody test requirements. The solution is an alternative to using sensitive private data (masked or otherwise).It is also useful for testing applications in early stages of development where real data is not yet available. For further information see “Test Data Generation for Data Intensive Applications”, Adir A., Levy R., and Salman T., in proceedings of the 7th annual Haifa Verification Conference (HVC’11), 2011.