Lithography Materials - overview

Research in lithography and patterning materials and processes has generated breakthrough techologies that have enabled the rapid, continued reduction in dimension and increased transistor packing density that is popularly known as 'Moore's Law'. The role of the IBM Almaden lithography group is to explore current and future patterning technologies, understand the materials implications and opportunities for these new technologies, and then to develop enabling chemistry and materials for advanced lithography.

The Almaden Lithography Group is responsible for the invention of chemically amplified resists, understanding the mechanism of airborne contamination of these sensitive systems, and has invented the key chemistry and polymer design principles in both mainstream DUV (248nm) and 193nm resists. Thus, all advanced semiconductor chips manufactured today have 'Almaden Inside'!

Research has focused on materials customized for immersion lithography, extending immersion lithography through creative materials and/or processes, and materials for patterning beyond immersion ( Imprint, EUV, and e-beam). Our group is also leveraging polymer design knowledge to design new controlled segregation and self assembly materials.