Panache - overview

Project Description

Cloud computing promises large-scale and seamless access to vast quantities of data across the globe. Applications will demand the reliability, consistency, and performance of a traditional cluster file system regardless of the physical distance between data centers. Unfortunately, while several products support caching across the wide-area network, they cannot keep up with the computational and throughput demands of today's large scale data centers.


Panache is a scalable, high-performance, clustered file system cache for parallel data-intensive applications that require wide-area file access. It is the first file system cache to exploit parallelism in every aspect of its design--- parallel applications access and update the cache from multiple nodes while data and metadata is pulled into and pushed out of the cache in parallel. Data is cached and updated using the newly standard pNFS protocol, which performs parallel I/O between clients and servers, eliminating the single-server bottleneck of vanilla client-server file access protocols. Furthermore, Panache allows parallel applications to run independent of fluctuating WAN latencies and outages by persistently storing all updates of data and metadata in the cache and asynchronously pushing them to the remote cluster.

Panache is easy to deploy as it relies on open standards for high-performance file serving and does not require any proprietary hardware or software to be installed at the remote cluster.