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Easy Tier - overview

Solid State Drives (SSDs) are emerging as an attractive alternative to hard disk drives (HDDs) in today's enterprise storage market. With dramatically high throughput, low response times and IOPS-energy-efficient characteristics, SSDs have the potential to achieve significant savings in operational costs although current acquisition cost per GB is higher than HDDs. To satisfy the majority of workload characteristics, SSDs need to be used in conjunction with HDDs and it is critical to choose the right mix of drives and the right data placement in order to achieve optimal performance at low cost. For example, maximum value can be derived by placing "hot" data with high IO density and low response time requirements on SSDs while targeting HDDs for "cooler" data that is accessed more sequentially and at lower rates. The Easy Tier project aims at developing novel systems and technologies that can develop insights into the storage workload and automate the placement of data amongst different storage tiers in order to achieve the optimal performance through a software, server and storage solution.