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Media Hub - overview

The main assets of broadcasters and others in the M&E industry is the large amount of media that are increasingly being digitized. The Media Hub framework was developed to seize this opportunity. It is the core technology for key commercial IBM offerings in the Media & Entertainment and Telecom industry. It improves the integration between content creation, ingest, management and distribution systems and underlying business systems with easy development of connectors to ISVs. The core Media Hub technology can be divided into two parts. Media Extensions for WESB (WEMX) provides ``media-aware'' service mediation facilities, while the Media Hub Workflow Builder is a set of tools and runtime to enable the lifecycle of workflows related to media services and provides a very high level of abstraction for easy creation and management of the workflows. These two components operating in synergy form the core of IBM's Media Hub Solution, which enhances IBM's middleware solutions and enables the integration of business and media-centric components to create effective media systems. Specific components of the Media Hub technology include 1. MSC tools: user-friendly graphical tools for quickly building and monitoring media-related workflows. 2. media-smart mediators (e.g. rules invocation, registry lookup, service selection, abstract service invocation, subflow invocation, message transformation, concrete service invocation) to enable construction of complex media production workflow. 3. a lightweight runtime engine for orchestrating the workflow. 4. adapters to enable ISVs to run their services on the Media Hub platform. This last aspect is important as it builds an ecosystem of ISVs whose services are crucial to the Media and Entertainment industry, and this allows customers to migrate to WESB with minimal interruption by leveraging existing vendor solutions.