Advanced Organic & Inorganic Materials       


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Advanced Organic & Inorganic Materials - overview

The effort in Advanced Organic & Inorganic Materials includes projects in monomer and polymer synthesis, solution and solid state characterization, imaging, structure/property relationships in polymeric materials and modeling. Controlled polymer synthesis is key to matching material properties with technological applications. This includes catalysis, control of polymer molecular weights and polydispersities, functionality, end group fidelity, morphology and macromolecular architectures in homo- as well as random and block copolymers. This is necessary for surface modification, self assembly of functional nanostructures, drug delivery, nanoparticle formation, encapsulation and dispersion, porosity generation, bottom up assembly, specific association and complexation, gel formation, biosensing, etc. The projects here are multidisclipnary including contributions from Chemists, Polymer Physicists, Material Scientists, Computational Chemists and Biologists.