Smarter Energy (discontinued)       


Smarter Energy (discontinued) - overview

Finding smarter ways to use and conserve limited and expensive energy resources has become of critical importance. The Research Division is committed to building innovative solutions for IBM and our clients to maximize revenue while minimizing energy costs.

Research is focussed on bringing value to all three sides of the energy industry : supply. transmission and demand. This requires cross-discipline research involving researches who specialize in Signal Processing, machine learning, power systems, optimization, control, agent based modeling, control theory, distributed control, economics and markets, incentive design, game theory and mechanism design.

Areas of interest to the Smarter Energy PIC include but are not limited to Green Buildings, Smart grids : computing and networking, Sensing techniques and sensor networks for energy awareness, Microgrids and energy demand management, Smarter generation and dispatch, Grid reliability and power management and grid efficiency improvement, Green grid, cloud, virtualization and data-center technology, Energy storage, Electric Vehicles and renewable energy management and Security challenges in smart grid and energy monitoring and control.