Analytics-as-a-Service Platform       


Renato L. F. Cunha photo Yosef Moatti photo RAMANI R. ROUTRAY photo

Analytics-as-a-Service Platform - overview


Data explosion is happening in both the Internet and customer facilities. Being able to leverage such data, which is mostly unstructured, brings several opportunities to create new businesses and make existing ones more efficient.

However, transforming this data into something that has business value requires processing power and experts from several domains. Having such resources in-house is usually expensive, and therefore, outsourcing them is a key mechanism to be able to extract knowledge from raw data in large scale.

The goal of this project is to investigate and develop technology to provide Analytics-as-a-Service (AaaS). Several challenges are involved in order to build a platform to provide AaaS, which include SLA definitions, QoS monitoring techniques, pricing, analysis and management of unstructured data, and business models.

AaaS vision