Migration of Workloads to Clouds     


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Migration of Workloads to Clouds - overview

Migration of Workloads to Clouds

The goal of the project is to assist the migration of workloads from physical and virtualized environments to virtualized environments, including Clouds. The proposed framework and tools consider the phases illustrated in the figure below, where:

Migration phases.

  • Discovery and Analytics: consists on assessing the viability of migrating a given workload, and profiling existing applications and source environment.
  • MAP: plan the migration of software stack and applications. Use techniques to map the software packages identified in the source environment against those available in the target environment to where the workload will be migrated.
  • Provision: plans for capacity and automatically provisions the target environment to receive the workload.
  • Migrate: migrate applications and software stack configurations.
  • Remediate and Test: adapt scripts and configuration to target environment, test the configuration and performance of migrated applications, comparing them against the source servers.


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