IBM Multi-Echelon Simulation and Optimization (MESO)       


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IBM Multi-Echelon Simulation and Optimization (MESO) - overview

IBM Multi-Echelon Simulation & Optimization (MESO) simulates and optimizes the total value stream of a multi-echelon production chain. This requires the combination of inventory control and production processes. A particular challenge -- and a fundamental principle of MESO -- is to capture operational processes in all significant details like stochasticity of yields and production times, multi-sourcing, concurrent Push & Pull logic and complex BOM structures.

During the latest project in the semiconductor industry, MESO was able to reduce inventory levels by more than 20% while meeting the target customer-service level and keeping the number of expedites flat (IBM-internal link).

You find more information about the activities of the Business Optimization group here.

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