Cognitive Solutions & Foundations at IBM Research - Almaden - overview

The Cognitive Solutions & Foundations department at IBM Research - Almaden leads the next generation of research in data management, text analytics, machine learning, user experience, discovery solutions and CS theory. We invent new algorithms and architectures for finding, integrating, managing, analyzing and protecting information, and explore and prototype new ways of modeling, analyzing, and predicting users and their behavior in the context of social networking. Our department creates novel big data technology and solutions for industries and does fundamental research in data science, optimization, streaming algorithms, learning theory, game theory and mechanism design, lattices and the theory of search database systems and foundations of information integration.

Almaden innovations have played a role in creating entirely new disciplines such as relational database management and have also led to novel research areas, such as information mining, schema mapping, data disclosure management, and the modeling of infectious diseases.

We explore these areas from theory to systems, and from the laboratory to practice. We apply our technology to problems faced by companies in a broad range of industries including finance, healthcare, telecommunications and retail, as we directly interact with clients and leverage IBM's unparalleled technical sales and services teams. Almaden researchers pursue a mix of medium- and long-term research, including high-risk/high-reward projects, with the potential for disruptive and revolutionary business impact.

Our success is measured by our strong publication record and the impact we contribute to IBM's business and the world. Our researchers are respected members of their scientific communities and actively collaborate with universities.