Service Workload Profile Analytics     



Service Workload Profile Analytics - overview

Excellence in management of large IT service organization requires keeping a high level of understanding of the key components that affect the routine of delivery systems. In the core of such systems are the tickets, vital elements in the healthy relationship between customers and service provider, which are stored in databases of Incident Management Systems. Each ticket describes an interruption (or reduction in service quality) of a particular service offered by the service provider to a customer, formally agreed upon via legal contracts.</p>

Big delivery centers handle, typically, thousands of tickets per day. Thus, a huge amount of information about incidents and fixes may be generated and recorded daily, what makes individual inspections and analyses of each one them prohibitive in practice. In this context, embedding the systematic use of analytics tools into delivery arises as a promising alternative to enable a continuous improvement in the quality of the service delivery.</p>

Thus, the goal of this project is to design and develop analytics tools based on Workload Profile Diagnosis (WPD). Such approach in centered on an intensive use of ticket as a start point to characterize the performance of service pools. By doing so, it is possible to diagnose their major issues and challenges in terms of productivity and service quality.  Further, accordingly, make the right decisions and/or appropriate interventions aiming improve the performance of the current operation.