Service Quality - overview

IT services face various new challenges during design, delivery, migration, operation and maintenance as they become larger and more complex. These challenges often need to be addressed beyond individual scientific discipline, and furthermore, they are not necessarily presented as a well-formulated research problem at first. Therefore, it is vital to collect information, gain insights, identify and develop technical solutions, and verify effects in real-world environments. IBM Research - Tokyo is conducting innovative research leveraging multiple technical expertise including software engineering, program analysis, natural language processing, distributed computing, network, security, etc. in the context of IT services. The research achievements are applied worldwide, making significant impacts.

Competency fields

  • Service Process & Solutions
  • As IT systems are taking increasingly imporatant roles in a wide range of applications involving various stakeholders, it is becoming more and more challenging to realize high-quality software with high productivity. We are conducting research projects targeted at analysis of various work products throughout service lifecycle to identify and address critical problems that frequently appear in industry projects. Our focus includes documentation for requirements, design, and testing, complex program code, and service problem tickets.

  • Service Infrastructure
  • Service Infrastructure is focused on the advanced infrastructure technology for the critical foundation of cloud computer. The main research topics of Service Infrastructure are the unified cloud management which enables to support the interconnected heterogeneous clouds, the sensor enabled cloud which can support the physical sensor for the cloud management, the IT automation which can provide the automated deployment task and the efficient operation, and the industry cloud is the extended infrastructure to support the industry specific solution.

  • Service Security, Privacy & Compliance
  • Computer systems must be reliable. Security and privacy technology has a long history of research, and it has been already not only a part of infrastructure to realize current IT services, but also an essential piece to determine the overall value of service itself. IBM Research - Tokyo actively advances security and privacy functionality to make the system and data more reliable. We are promoting data security technology in the area of log management and analysis, data security & privacy, smarter mobility security.