SCION - Social Channel is Open Now     



SCION - Social Channel is Open Now - overview

The social Customer Relationship Management (CRM) landscape is attracting significant attention from consumers and enterprises alike as a sustainable channel for tracking, managing and improving customer relations. Enterprises are taking a hard look at this open, unmediated platform because the community effect generated on this channel can have a telling effect on their brand image, emerging markets and customer loyalty.

SCION is a social analytic system that mines conversations on social CRM platforms to identify and prioritize those that are relevant to enterprises. The goals of the system are to assist an agent or a representative in an enterprise to monitor, track and respond to customer communication while also encouraging community participation.

SCION also provides a comprehensive view of all the actionable threads across multiple social media sites in the form of a dashboard arranged by various dimensions such as, business functions relevant to the enterprise, authors, sentiments, etc. and gives them a single interface to view and respond to the individual threads.

A Snapshot of SCION's Dashboard

SCION Dashboard