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Business Driven Software Engineering - overview

Business-Driven Software Engineering

Lehrveranstaltung: Business-Driven Software Engineering (V+UE) an der Universitaet Zuerich

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Dr. Thomas Gschwind, Dr. Jochen Kuester
IBM Research – Zurich


  • Uploaded a web frontend sample for the CookieService. Please note, this contains three Eclipse projects, including a new version of CookieService (only change is the addition of a local interface though). You have to deploy the EAR project (and only that project), the EAR lists the others as dependencies which is shown by right clicking the EAR project and selecting Properties. Also note, by using the EAR project, the endpoints of the beans change because the name of the EAR project is added as well.
  • Uploaded a tutorial that explains how to create an EJB session bean and how to configure a security domain.
  • The CookieService4 sample adding support for transaction management and the CookieService5 sample adding support for security management is now available for download. (Apr 22)
  • The CookieService2 sample demonstrating the implementation of a JPA entities and the CookieService3 sample is now available for download. (Apr 12)
  • The CookieService demonstrating the implementation of a stateless session bean is available here. Import it into Eclipse by selecting import existing project and then select from zip archive. (Feb 27)

About the Lecture

Business-Driven Software Engineering is taught at Universitaet Zuerich in the spring term. The focus of this lecture is on the development of business process models and how to use these models in order to generate an underlying component-based implementation.

The goal of the lecture is to learn the foundations and languages used for Business-Driven Software Engineering. Business-Driven Software Engineering makes use of high-level business components to aid in the implementation of an underlying component system. The lecture encompasses technologies from BPMN via BPEL to EJBs and allows students to gain insights into how these technologies relate to each other.

The lecture will be taught in German unless the students request it to be taught in English. The lecture materials are in English.


The lecture combines different topics which are currently not covered comprehensively in a single book. We recommend to have a look at the following materials:

  • Lecture Slides
    The slides for the lecture are available online. The slides give a good overview on the topics covered and how they relate to each other. The slides may undergo minor updates the week before the lecture. The latest slides will be online the day before the lecture.
  • Mathias Weske. Business Process Management: Concepts, Languages, Architectures. Springer-Verlag, 2007. Selected Chapters.
    This book provides an introduction to the field of Business Process Management and covers main concepts such as the language BPMN.
  • Rima Patel Sriganesh, Gerald Brose, and Mica Silvermanohn. Mastering Enterprise JavaBeans 3.0. John Wiley, 2006. Selected Chapters.
    This book explains how to build server-side component based systems using EJB3.0 and export their functionality using Web Services. The book can be downloaded from


Below you find a schedule of the lectures and the topics covered.

Date Time Room Topics
19.02. 8:15-10:00 BIN-2.A.10 Administrative Issues [pdf] and Enterprise Java Beans I [pdf]
26.02. 8:15-10:00 BIN-2.A.10 Enterprise Java Beans II: Java Persistence Architecture, Relationship Management [pdf]
05.03. 8:15-10:00 BIN-2.A.10 Foundations of Processes [pdf]
12.03. 8:15-10:00 BIN-2.A.10 Process Orchestration [pdf]
19.03. 8:15-10:00BIN-2.A.10 Business Process Modeling Notation [pdf]
26.03. 8:15-10:00 BIN-2.A.10 Process Implementation [pdf]
09.04. 8:15-10:00 BIN-2.A.10 Enterprise Java Beans III: Security, Transaction Management [pdf]
16.04. 8:15-10:00 BIN-2.A.10 Web Services (Introduction, Elements, Composition, and Implementation) [pdf]
23.04. 8:15-10:00 BIN-2.A.10 Process Implementation II [pdf]
30.04. 8:15-10:00 BIN-2.A.10 Object Life Cycles [pdf]
07.05. 8:15-10:00 BIN-2.A.10 Enterprise Java Beans IV: EJB Legacy: EJB 1.x and EJB 2.x [pdf]
14.05. 8:15-10:00 BIN-2.A.10 Enterprise Java Beans V: EJB and Web Projects, Best Practices, and Clustering [pdf]
21.05. 8:15-10:00 BIN-2.A.10 Exercise Discussion
28.05. 8:15-10:00 BIN-2.A.10 Lab Submission
11.06. 8:15-10:00 BIN-2.A.10 Exam


During the lecture lab examples are being handed out that are to be solved, depending on the lab example, in groups of three to one students. The lab examples include practical and theoretical assignments on designing and implementing a sample business process.