Service Systems       


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Service Systems - overview

The service systems group at IBM Research – Brazil works to understand and improve upon a variety of business services including those associated with commerce, finance, IT provisioning, call centers, and government. All these systems rely heavily on delivery personnel and a strong interdependency with their users needs. This requires a multi-disciplinary approach including research in computer science, optimization, design, sociology, interfaces, modeling and simulation.

An important part of the research focuses on IBM's own service businesses, including IT-based services such as strategic outsourcing, managed business processes, and IT consulting. The goal is to create new and better methods to manage and deliver such services and to create technologies that truly innovate the landscape of IT services. The group also researches methods and technology to improve IBM's business consulting and application services, looking for breakthroughs to increase consistency, quality, and efficiency.

Beyond IBM’s own business, the group also researches technology that can systematically improve the service systems that are essential to our daily life, such as transportation, banking, retail, and government systems. The group is part of the global effort of creating a new framework for innovation in services called Service Science, which encompasses contributions of multiple disciplines including Engineering, Management, Economy, Social Sciences, and Design. The goal is to create new scientific and technological theories, methods, and knowledge that can enable innovations and productivity increases in the 21st century at similar scale and speed as experienced by agricultural and manufacturing systems in the 20th century.

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