EagleEye: an Intelligent System for Data to Smart Decisions       


 Zhong Su photo

EagleEye: an Intelligent System for Data to Smart Decisions - overview

With the fast growth of Internet, huge amounts of information have spread on the web. How to leverage this large volume data to help corporations make smart decisions is one of the hot topics in emerging market. EagleEye is an intelligent system to address these questions. It provides business intelligence through advanced data mining and text analytics technologies. Going beyond the traditional search engine systems, EagleEye is an entity-oriented search system where an entity can be an organization, a person and a place. The basic function is: given an entity name, the system generates a consolidated view of the entity information collected from various disparate data sources, organizes it according to specific categories and automatically detects the relationships among the entities. EagleEye can also analyze the positive and negative opinions on the entities and provide feature level sentiment insights on product brands, which will help enterprises to manage brand reputation and make quick response to the market. Key technologies are developed to support these functions, including named entity recognition, entity grouping, domain search, opinion mining, feature level sentiment analysis, document expansion, entity translation, etc. EagleEye has been successfully deployed to many clients from cross industries in China and demonstrated its capability and business values to those enterprises in real practice.