Development of Model Transformations       


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Development of Model Transformations - overview

Model transformations are used nowadays in model-driven engineering for model refinement, model abstraction, and for code generation. Model transformations can either be implemented directly in programming languages (such as Java) or using one of the available transformation languages that have been developed in recent years. In this project, we study the development of model transformations, with a special emphasis on testing model transformations. Recent work includes research in the following topics:

  • Design methods and approaches for model transformations
  • Test case generation for model transformations
  • Test suite analysis for model transformations

Within the context of this work, we have developed the Test Suite Analyzer which can be used to analyze the coverage of a set of test models used in a test suite for model transformations.

Here you can find a video illustrating the key features of the Test Suite Analyzer: TSA Video