HIWAS: Tooling technology for analyzing complex XML documents       


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HIWAS: Tooling technology for analyzing complex XML documents - overview

XML-based standards like HL7's Clinical Document Architecture (CDA) are increasingly seen as useful long-term storage representations for clinical data. The information contained in large collections of such documents could be used for epidemiology, evidence-based medicine, cost-benefit analyses and more. However, the data is difficult to extract and use because of the complexity and generality of XML-based models like CDA. HIWAS tooling technology addresses this problem in three ways: 1) The Semantic Data Guide provides a structural summary of the data. 2) Information of interest can be selected and organized into a target model. 3) A hybrid XML/Relational model is automatically constructed to support integration with reference data, querying and ETL.
HIWAS Overview
The HIWAS technology has been integrated into the Data Analysis Perspective of the IBM Websphere Message Broker (WMB) toolkit. It is available in the WMB V8 fixpack 2, and a healthcare specific configuration of the technology is available in the WMB Connectivity Pack for Healthcare V8.