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IBM Interactive Maps Technology - overview

With the explosion of location-based big data resulting from mobile phones, moving assets, GPS and other sensors, there is an ever growing demand for location-based visual analytics and interactive visualization capabilities in many applications and industries. Embedding location in enterprise applications enables to gain critical insight, make better decisions, and optimize important processes and applications

IBM Interactive Maps Technology provides scalable interactive visualization of geo-located big data. The technology enables to build out-of-the-box visualizations as well as customized interactive visualization for integrated solutions. IBM interactive Maps Technology integrates with IBM Big Data Platform to support visualization of static GIS data, real-time streaming data, historical data, and data in motion

Key capabilities include

  • Integration of heterogeneous information layers on a single map
  • Support for points, lines, polygons, heatmaps, choropleth, indoor maps
  • Scalable visualization of static data, realtime streaming data, and data in motion
  • Out of the box interactions, with customizable extension point
  • Integration with key IBM middleware platforms, including IBM Big Data, IBM Mobile Enterprise, IBM Decision Management, and Intelligent Operation Center

IBM Interactive Maps Technology has been used in many projects for building location-based interactive visualization and visual analytics applications. The following figure shows a few examples: