Smarter Financial Life       


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Smarter Financial Life - overview

Conventional financial planning tends to be complex and confusing. It’s easy to get lost in a maze of charts, numbers and financial jargon, never knowing what to expect at the next turn. The bigger picture can only be discovered after a long and excruciating quest – and even then is it difficult to adjust from the language of financial planning to the realities of real life goals.

For everyone that rather spends time enjoying life than thinking about how to afford it, IBM Research - Australia has created Smarter Financial Life. This mobile application provides a map through the loops of financial planning. Financial planning is considered from an individual’s life point of view and visualised in an understandable and glanceable way. Users are hence able to consider the likely impact of their financial choices and how these affect their life goals.

A gamified demonstration of the Smarter Financial Life concept has been presented at various financial conferences in 2013 (The Future of Banking and Financial Services, Melbourne and Amplify, Sydney) and there are plans to pilot a full version by 2014.

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