BEOL Reliability Study     


 Huai Huang photo Peilin Song photo Ernest Y. (Ernest Y) Wu photo

BEOL Reliability Study - overview

Contact(s): Peilin Song

Dielectric degradation due to aging effects is one of the most important reliability issues for BEOL, with technology scaling down into 32nm or beyond. In this research, we have developed first time an integrated reliability test methodology and system for BEOL TDDB study. The scope of this methodology and system is to provide a means of early detection and precise localization of the defect that compromise the reliability of low-k dielectric in present and future generation high performance computing chips. The intent is to gain information on the nature of the defects and their relationship to chip manufacturing steps and materials so that we can ultimately better engineer these steps for higher reliability systems.

Above is the Integrated Reliability Test System (IRTS) that the light emission synchronizes with current due to TDDB event