On-chip Sensors       


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On-chip Sensors - overview

Contact(s): Peilin Song

Recent interest in autonomic computing systems, which are self-managing and self-diagnosing, has spurred the need for efficient on-chip sensors. The goal is to allow computing operations to run without the need for human intervention. A computing system can regulate itself based on the feedback from operating chips. To achieve that, a chip has to have the on-chip “sensors” to provide information, such as chip temperature, power supply noise, bus traffic, etc., to the system. These sensors can be used for chip testing and sorting, reliability monitoring, and, most importantly, time performance optimization. Possibly the most important type of sensor is that of power supply noise sensors.

We have been working on On-chip Real-Time Power Supply Noise Sensor as well as Ultra-Low Power, High Sensitive Process Variation Sensor. They are all implemented in silicon and fully tested and characterized.

High Sensitivity Variation Sensor

On-chip Real-Time Power Supply Noise Sensor