Object Life Cycle Solutions       


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Object Life Cycle Solutions - overview

We investigate lifecycle management for business objects, which combines the design and analysis of stateful business objects with the development of process-centric systems.

In Phase 1 (2005-2009) we investigated how to generate object life cycle models from process models and vice versa. We also established a notion of consistency for process models and object life cycle models.

In Phase 2 (2010-today) we investigate object life cycle applications in different application domains such as security. For most security-sensitive systems, it is important to carefully manage security objects such as keys, certificates, PINs, passwords, hardware security modules etc. and to correctly execute the supporting processes, e.g. key generation, rollover, key distribution etc. We recently created a BPM based approach and prototype to support these activities.

A short demo video of the prototype can be found here.

A longer demo video of the prototype can be found here.