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What is IR at IBM - overview

IBM Watson

Computational Creativity for Culinary Recipes

What if an information system didn't just retrieve existing information through search or answer questions about the world as it is, but actually provided completely new ideas that no one has ever thought of before. This is the promise of computational creativity. IBM has developed a system to affirmatively answer an outstanding question in cognitive computing and artificial intelligence: can a computer be creative? In particular, we have built a system that can generate novel and flavorful culinary recipes by integrating a variety of data sources of existing recipes as inspiration, as well as chemoinformatics and hedonic psychophysics data to predict whether the creations will be good. By having systems that create attention-grabbing and flavorful recipes that meet a variety of nutrition constraints, we can hope to address important public health problems like obesity and malnutrition. Thus we may push information retrieval beyond making recipe books of extant recipes easier to use, to being about systems that can provide endless completely new variations that are guaranteed to be good.

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