Social Team Formation     


Vagner Figueredo de Santana photo

Social Team Formation - overview


The success of a project depends not only on the expertise of the people who are involved, but also on how effectively they collaborate, communicate and work together as a team.

There is a growing interest in the community to understand the process of social collaboration, that is, how people use social connections to form teams. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the collaboration is effective, in order to guarantee the highest level of productivity.

It remains a challenge how one can facilitate the team formation process in this new generation of networks by designing specialized algorithms for team selection that are mindful of the social connections of the team members. In summary, we want to answer the following question: How to build an effective team that meets the requirement of a specific task and the selected team-members are close in somehow to each other?

We are considering the social team formation problem where the objective is to select a team of users from a social enterprise network, a division of the task, time of expertise and cost to create the team so that the team members are socially ‘close’ to each other and no user is overloaded or unused by the assignment.