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Services and API Ecosystems - overview

The API Economy

A few years ago, web services “mash-ups” were the first signs of an entirely new services economy built on IT. Freely available application programming interfaces (APIs), openly available data, and a willingness to experiment with non-traditional business models were among the early drivers of this new paradigm. This trend of rapidly composed and flexibly managed services is emerging now in the mainstream of enterprise computing, and the resulting Scalable Services Ecosystems are presenting a disruptive, fast-changing and agile way of composing business solutions.

A new as-a-service economy is emerging with value being provided and consumed through APIs.

  • Cloud, mobile and social are fueling the hyper-growth of API-centric, business as-a-service economies
  • Companies that were born on the web are co-creating value with others through APIs at an accelerated pace; enterprises are starting to explore them
  • Agile, scalable, and consumable business as-a-service will shift the business services market similar to the shift of IT delivery through cloud
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This API-centric approach is also transforming the engagement and business models for traditional enterprises.

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API/Services Ecosystem Research

We have a global research initiative to define and drive IBM’s contribution to the services API economy.

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