WATTALYST: Modeling and Analyzing Demand Response Systems       


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WATTALYST: Modeling and Analyzing Demand Response Systems - overview

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WATTALYST is short for WATT anALYST - Modeling and Analyzing Demand Response Systems.

It is a EU FP7 project with the consortium comprising of 7 partners. WATTALYST aims to understand in what context and how would consumers reduce demand. For example, identifying the loads (e.g. washing machines, electric vehicles) that can be shifted and those that cannot; and identifying the loads that are reduced (e.g. cooling, heating) and those that are not are all user/house-hold specific and varies based on the need of the hour. Another goal of WATTALYST is to understand effective methods of conveying the DR signals to the users. In particular, the research will focus on interface design; communication means (in-house displays, SMS messages), message emphasis (environmental, economical) and customized messages based on gender, age and profile.

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