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Productivity Tools and Software Engineering - overview

The research agenda of the Productivity Tools and Software Engineering group at IBM Research
- India focuses on improving software product and service quality throughout the life-cycle and
developing new techniques for mobile and cloud enablement of software and services. Our agenda
is driven specifically by the needs of the software services industry. Our research uses many core
techniques, such as program analysis, text analysis, and data mining. In addition to developing new
technologies that have a significant business impact, we strive for creating intellectual property and
make broader scientific impact by publishing our research in top conferences. Below we describe
our current research themes.


Please visit the Research tab for a description of our current research projects.


Recent Highlights

  • "Panning Requirement Nuggets in Stream of Software Maintenance Tickets" authored by Senthil Mani, Karthik Sankaranarayanan, Vibha Sinha and Prem Devanbu was accepted at FSE 2014
  • Saurabh Sinha co-organized the 9th International Workshop on Automation of Software Test at ICSE 2014 (June 2014)
  • "API as a Social Glue" presented by Rohan Padhye won the best paper award at ICSE NIER 2014 (June 2014)
  • Divya Gopinath (PhD Student@UT Austin) presented "Data-Guided Repair of Selection Statement" at ICSE 2014 (June 2014).  The work originated during her IBM internship
  • Vibha Sinha presented "Software Services: A Research Roadmap" at ICSE FOSE 2014 (June 2014)
  • Senthil Mani presented  "Improving enterprise software maintenance efficiency through mining software repositories in an industry context"  at ICSE Doctoral Symposium 2014 (June 2014)