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Analytics and Optimization, IBM Research - India - overview


  • Experts in the broad areas of analytics and optimization with deep domain expertise in Talent Lifecycle Management.
  • Over a decade of experience of client driven fundamental research.
  • Key areas of contribution include - predictive hiring analytics, compensation analytics, talent mobility analytics, staff-ability risk assessment and predictive retention
  • 30+ disclosures, 100+ papers and 6 Major awards
  • Achieved highest level of accomplishment within IBM
  • Significant transformational outcomes resulting in large cost-savings for business
  • Several software assets produced from research contributions


Key achievements (Recent)


  • Winner of data challenge of the ACM IKDD Conference on Data Science 2016
  • Winner of IBM competition Expertise@Reseach 2015

Best paper awards

  • ICAPS (2014), TASE (2008)

Program Committee memberships

  • IJCAI 2016

IBM Awards and Recognitions

  • 9 Outstanding technical achievement awards
  • 4 A-level accomplishments
  • 2 O-level accomplishment
  • 1 E-level accomplishment (highest accomplishment level within IBM)

Other awards/honors

  • INAE young engineer award
  • Best PhD Thesis award
  • ACM Distinguished Speaker
  • ACM Eminent Speaker


Media coverage


Join our group

  • We welcome expressions of interest from people with strong backgrounds in relevant skill-sets listed below, for suitable research / engineering positions. Please contact Gyana Parija @
  • Skill-sets of current interest
    • Software/Tools - Python, Java, R, IBM SPSS, Weka, Mallet, IBM ILOG (Cplex, JRules), AnyLogic, IBM BigInsights, Open Source Deep Learning Platforms (like Caffe, Theano, Torch), Apache Spark, Hadoop, Apache Lucene, Apache Solr, IBM DB2, MySQL, Oracle, IBM Cloudant, MongoDB, DevOps, Bluemix, IBM API Economy
    • Science - Machine Learning, Social Network Modeling and Analysis, Linear/ Mixed-integer/Stochastic Programming Modeling and Algorithms, Non-linear Optimization, Complex Adaptive Systems Modeling, Game Theory, Agent-based Discrete-event Simulation Modeling and Analysis, Queueing Theory, Probability and Statistics