IBM Research India - Knowledge Extraction, Representation and Reasoning - overview

The Knowledge Extraction, Representation and Reasoning research at IBM Research, India is focused on developing next-generation technologies in various areas such as data extraction technologies, knowledge graphs, database systems, distributed computing, data provenance and text/data mining. These technologies are driven by IBM Research's goal of building intelligent solutions and services to address business problems in various industrial sectors, including financial, telecommunication, retail and healthcare, among others. Our current projects and areas of interest include:

  • Systems, frameworks, and techniques for scalable information extraction, indexing, search and querying over massive volumes of unstructured and semi-structured data
  • Inducing domain/corpus specific knowledge graphs
  • Learning knowledge base embeddings
  • Data and Analytic Provenance
  • Advanced business intelligence, data mining and predictive analytics for various domains such as regulatory compliance, banking, advertising, etc
  • Graph Analytics at scale on platforms like TinkerPop and JanusGraph. Integration of Graphs with structured (RDBMS) or unstructured text documents
  • Data privacy and security in the context of cloud based data services
  • Core database technologies