Natural Resources       


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Natural Resources - overview

The Natural Resources sector (especially Oil & Gas, Mining) is increasing its IT intensity, since the exploration, production and processing of resources (oil, gas or ore) are being performed under more complex and challenging conditions. As part of the Natural Resources Big Bet, IBM Research - Australia is focussing on the mining industry. Our team applies a combination of Modeling, Analytics and Optimization in the mining exploration and integrated production operations. Examples include fine-grained modeling of weather that affects critical mine operations (eg: de-watering flooded mines) and analytics & optimization to enable flexible value-chains (eg: ports, rail, energy). As part of a global team, we are helping develop full-wave inversion for Oil & Gas and multi-scale ore-body modeling for next generation exploration, linked with mine planning. We are also investigating nanobubble-based froth flotation for next generation ore-processing aiming to significantly reduce ore-crushing energy costs.