IBM Research - Australia 2013 Colloquium: Living in an Instrumented World - overview

Living in a Instrumented World

Increasingly our world is instrumented with various types of sensors. These range from simple sense and respond systems – like motion sensors that open doors or control lights – to large networks of sensors where data is collected in real-time and analysed for complex decision making. Beyond these static sensors, we are witnessing the emergence of ‘human sensors’ through applications such as Facebook and Twitter, which have evolved from fundamentally social applications to pillars of the business economy. We are also seeing the development of power grids and meters that can more accurately forecast output and compare it to expected demand. These distributed sensors contribute to highly accurate weather micro- forecasts, creating the possibility to both respond to – and plan for – tailored services, traffic routing and emergency deployments.

This colloquium features talks and discussions with a number of thought-provoking leaders, ranging from businesses who are harnessing and analysing this live data feed for better business outcomes, to forward thinking city leaders who are planning for an instrumented future and already capitalising on the data for better living.

Together, we will explore the challenges and opportunities associated with living in an instrumented world, the solutions that can be built with the data, and the safeguards that will need to be in place. The day will be concluded with an open invitation to the IBM Research – Australia laboratory, where we invite you to experience cutting-edge applications and explore the boundaries of what the future will bring.