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Consumer Modeling - overview

Our mission is to create data-driven models of consumers for marketing and social business applications by developing a holistic view of the consumer that models the five senses, psychology of the consumer and his or her historical interactions. Here is a select summary of our current projects. For more information, please contact Anshul Sheopuri by email at

    • Senses: By leveraging academic literature from hedonic psychophysics, food pairing, color science and psychology, we are developing models of olfactory pleasantness and visual aesthetics, and applying them in industries like Consumer Packaged Goods to develop new products – this is all about new systems that can foster human creativity through a partnership between man and machine, i.e., Computational Creativity.
    • Psychology: By understanding the inherent psychology of the consumer using academic literature from mathematical psychology, econometrics, psycho-social relationships and information theory, we can answer questions like “How do we provide promotions that emotionally engage consumers?” or “How do we foster targeted collaboration?
    • Interactions: We are working with Skillsoft to develop a next generation adaptive learning Big Data engine by mining rich interaction data of 20 million users. We have also worked with a large Telecommunications firm and a travel aggregator to analyze their sales transactions data to develop intelligent pricing strategies.

Project NameConsumer AspectIndustrySelected PublicationsSelected PressDemo
Behavior Pricing Psychology Retail, Telco, Travel Designing Promotions: Consumers’ Surprise and Perception of Discounts IBM Announces Global Consulting Practice Fusing Strategy, Data and Design

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Culinary Computational Creativity Senses CPG A Big Data Approach to Computational Creativity

Cognition as a Part of Computational Creativity
And now, from I.B.M., Chef Watson, New York Times

When an IBM algorithm cooks, things get complicated — and tasty, Wired
Computational Aesthetics Senses CPG, Retail     video
Creative Color Palette Design for Product Packaging Senses CPG Creative Design of Color Palettes for Product Packaging    
Big Data Engagement Analytics (with Skillsoft) Interaction Cross   Skillsoft and IBM Reveal New Capabilities for Big Data in Enterprise Learning video
Bundle Pricing Interaction Telco, Travel, Retail Latent Variable Copula Inference for Bundle Pricing from Retail Transaction Data   video