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Discovery Solutions - overview

Thanks to considerable advances in technology, there are significant, rapidly growing sources of information from the biological and physical systems that orchestrate our world. Among these sources are genetic sequence data and data from sensors/devices each of which enable more sophisticated monitoring of ourselves, our environment and our industrial enterprises. The exercise of interpreting and extracting knowledge from these sources has crossed over into the era of ‘big data’. There is great room for innovation in computational systems that can bring the intelligence of the physical world to decision makers charged with solving the most challenging problems in their respective industries.

At the intersection of the Industries & Solutions and Cognitive Computing strategies, our team is amassing core data science skills and researching computational system architectures, data analysis techniques and cryptographic security methods for these emerging information sources. Our initial use cases focus on food safety, industrial equipment maintenance, and the protection of consumer electronic device networks and distributed enterprise data sets.

Our teams and projects are:

Industrial and Applied Genomics Modeling
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Content Protection
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Our work is a part of the Cognitive Solutions and Foundations Department at IBM Research - Almaden and the IBM Research Accelerated Discovery Lab.

Prior team research efforts in healthcare can be found on the Almaden Healthcare Informatics Research page and include work in image analysis, public health informatics and data integration technologies for healthcare and adjacent industries.