Watson4IT - Natural Language Interfaces for IT Infrastructure Management and Problem Solving - overview


Enterprise IT infrastructure and physical assets contain rich structured contextual information about their status, contents, and that of users, apps, tasks, etc. Such information is volatile, changes frequently, and cannot be ingested in search and retrieval systems of today. Access to such data and reasoning over it needs to be enhanced and exposed via easy-to-use interfaces that provide lower cognitive load than complex dashboards and coded data streams.

We are building a Natural Language based system to augment existing Watson-like systems focusing on joint structured-unstructured information access, thereby enabling root cause analysis for infrastructure problem solving use cases.

We are developing a logical framework to capture natural language questions in a formal representation that is backend agnostic. Such a representation will facilitate (amongst other capabilities) API read/write queries to systems like SCCD using an IT Ontology (derived from CIM/ITIL) to glue together what (i) a user types, (ii) what she means in system terms, and (iii) how we retrieve information from underlying systems.