IBM Watson Wealth Advisor     


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IBM Watson Wealth Advisor - overview

Wealth Management organizations would like to extend the services of personalized relationship management to all their High Net Worth Individual (HNWI) clients. This helps their clients make most out of their investments and assets. However, there are two issues that these organizations are facing. First, the number of such HNWI is increasing every year. At the same time, experienced Relationship Managers are hard to find. Further, relationship managers are constrained in several ways. There is a physical limitation to how many customer they can interact with in a day. They need to keep up with explosion of market research and be able to digest and process all the available information to come with personalized recommendations for their customers. These factors impact the consistency and quality of advice.

IBM Watson Wealth Advisor is a first of a kind project in wealth management space, meant for assisting Relationship Managers for advising mass affluent clients. It combines IBM's Cognitive Computing technology with IBM's Advanced Analytics capabilities. This unique combination bridges the gap between analytics over structured data in the form of customer profile & product attributes and unstructured analytics over unstructured data from market research.