Next Generation Mobile System - overview

Next Generation Mobile System

Project Overview

In this project we are studying next generation mobile systems. It covers from the system concept and the usage model including environment to the actual system design and prototyping for validation.

Linux Watch

IBM has been focusing on the pervasive computing and the IBM Research, mainly Tokyo Research Lab.(TRL) and Watson Research Center, has been studying the watch shape device which can be used any-time and any-where with hands-free operation. The Linux Watch is a research platform which consists of the watch shape hardware developed by Tokyo Research Lab. and Linus 2.2 and X11R6 (X Window) ported by Watson Research Center. We demonstrated the first prototype at the LinuxWorld in San Jose in August 2000 in its announcement. After that we demonstrated the Bluetooth communication and a super high-resolution organic LED (OLEO) display on the platform.

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WatchPadTM 1.5WatchPad1.5

IBM Research and CITIZEN watch company has started joint research of the watch shape device as a future network centric device and prototyped WatchPad1.5 based on the Linux Watch design for the actual research work and more realistic usage in October, 2000.

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