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Top 10 New Things In Spectrum Scale Unified File and Object

Spectrum Scale Metadata Search Open Beta (code and guide)

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Object Heat Tiering and Spectrum Scale

 Tiering based upon Object metadata

Active Archive Implementation Guide with Spectrum Scale Object and Spectrum Archive

Abstract: Enterprises are struggling to provide the right storage infrastructure to keep up with the explosion of unstructured data in addition to facing increased pressure to retain this data for an extended period of time. Object storage is rapidly emerging as a viable method for building scalable big data archiving solutions to address these unstructured data growth challenges. OpenStack Swift is an emerging open source object storage platform that is widely used for cloud storage.

IBM® Spectrum Scale V4.2 delivers a fast, highly available, highly scalable shared file system that enables transparent access to files and objects spanning different storage tiers such as flash, disk, and tape. IBM Spectrum™ Archive Enterprise Edition is designed to enable the use of IBM Linear Tape File System™ (LTFS) for the policy management of tape as a storage tier in a Spectrum Scale to significantly reduce cost.

This IBM Redpaper™ publication describes how to create an Enterprise class, low cost, highly scalable object storage infrastructure with IBM Spectrum Scale™ 4.2 leveraging OpenStack Swift and IBM Spectrum Archive™. It will describe the benefits of the solution as well as provide reference architectures, best practices, and runtime considerations. It is suitable for IBM clients, IBM business partners, IBM specialist sales representatives, and technical specialists.



A Deployment Guide For Spectrum Scale Object

Abstract: This white paper describes the benefits of using GPFS as the underlying file system with OpenStack Swift, guide the administrator through the installation and configuration of Spectrum Scale Object, and describes the general set of configurations and scenarios that have been validated.

Multi-Region Guide

Object on GPFS Article

Spectrum Scale for Object Storage with Encryption 

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From Archive to Insight: Debunking Myths of Analytics on Object Stores

 Online Archive using Swift and Tape Storage  Deploying Swift on a Scale Out File System 




Boosting the Power of Swift Using Metadata Search

Amalgamating Manilla And Swift for Unified Data Sharing Across Instances


Write a File, Read as an Object




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GPFS support in OpenStack Cinder Havana release

Configuration Guide to Deploy OpenStack Components with IBM GPFS Backend

Configuration Guide to Enable Multi-Tier Architecture in OpenStack using IBM GPFS Storage Backend




How the GPFS driver works (Kilo)

OpenStack GPFS Cinder Driver (Juno)




 GPFS Block Storage Driver Demo



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Using OpenStack Manila Shared File System with IBM Spectrum Scale



Big Data Analytics and Docker: The Thrilla in Manila


 Supporting NFS Ganesha in Manila



 Amalgamating Manilla And Swift for Unified Data Sharing Across Instances



Older Sahara Work (not currently being pursued)


Third party Storage Extension for Sahara