Workshop on WALA (WoW) 2015 at PLDI and FCRC - overview

Workshop on WALA (WoW) 2015

Held at PLDI 2015

Saturday, June 13, 2015

The Watson Libraries for Analysis (WALA) is an infrastructure for program analysis at IBM, both for research and products; since its open source release in 2006, it has been used in academia as well.  Research done at IBM, such as correlation tracking for pointer analysis and field-based callgraph construction, are available as parts of WALA.  Major developments by others have contributed to WALA as well, such as an Eclipse-based Java front end, demand-driven pointer analysis, and its Dalvik bytecode front end and SCanDroid analysis.  A community has developed around WALA with a wide range of research interests.

For those whose research involves program analysis but who are not currently WALA users or would like to learn more about it, WoW will present a range of talks from the current WALA community, which will provide a sense of what tools are available in WALA.  WoW is not meant to be a WALA tutorial (see the WALA Tutorial recordings for that), but the talks should give some insight into how WALA is used and for what.

For the existing community, WoW will serve two primary purposes:

  • Discuss results and experiences using WALA; the goal is to explore how WALA is being used to tackle research problems, and to highlight code and results that could be shared. An ideal outcome would be discovering common research agendas that could be furthered by active collaboration.
  • Plan the future.  As WALA finds use outside IBM, and especially as major pieces of functionality are created outside, we need to adapt its governance; we need to make WALA a resource we all build and share. At this workshop, we will discuss how to do that.

 The program is here.

 We welcome submissions of presentations from the WALA community.  Submissions are encouraged regarding work that makes use of WALA, and also of work that provides new functionality for WALA.  Submissions will be reviewed by the organizers of WoW as they are received, subject to the PLDI requirement that the final program be disseminated by April 18.  Please see the submissions tab for how to submit.