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IBM.Next: DALI - overview

Data Acess Linking and Integration (DALI)

DALI is a system to semi-automatically access, catalogue, link and lift information from multiple sources (including enterprise and open tabular data) into a meaningful knowledge graph. DALI also supports novel contextual search, exploration and retrieval tasks by identifying related entities across models and data sources, on demand and in the context of given user information needs.

It provides a set of services that can

  • Analyze tabular like data and Databases (from internet and enterprise data)
  • Semantically uplift this data and expose the data as linked data
  • Semantically annotate / enrich the data
  • Link the data to well-know vocabularies (e.g. DBPedia, wordnet,
  • Link the data to other (analyzed) data sets and databases
  • Expose it via RESTful APIs to search, explore and query across the datasets

The demo system has a fully functioning UI that allows users to integrate, annotate, explore and link datasets in real-time and also to build new data views and visualizations of the data.

Video Demo Minneapolis public safety & Dublin data (YouTube)

Video Demo Dublinked Data (YouTube)

Video Demo - Building a Safety Net for vulnerable populations from Open Data in New York city (YouTube)

 Video Demo - DALI presented at Insight 2015


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