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Inside IBM Research 2015 episodes - overview

Using an Algorithm to Predict Schizophrenia

Guillermo Cecci

IBM Watson researcher Guillermo Cecchi and his colleagues in computer science and psychiatry have developed an algorithm that infers a schizophrenic break from an individual’s language patterns.
The Music of Machines Janani Mukundan IBM Austin researcher Janani Mukundan talks about how a stack of Restricted Boltzmann Machines is building off Watson to learn how to compose music. The results are expected to influence the study of machine learning and natural language.
Using Nanotech and the Human Body to Power Gadgets Siegfried Karg IBM Zurich researcher Sigi Karg talks about how he and his colleagues are now using nanotechnology to make thermoelectric energy efficient enough to power medical devices and wearable gadgets.
Containing Ebola With Mathematical Modeling   Kun Hu Kun Hu, a researcher at IBM Almaden Research Center, talks about STEM, the Spatio-Temporal Epidemiological Modeler, a mathematical tool that lets researchers simulate the evolution of highly contagious diseases such as Ebola with the goal of understanding them — and, ideally, preventing their spread altogether.
A Career in Uniting Theory and Practice Ron Fagin What does it take to become an IBM Fellow? For one, it helps to win best paper awards year in and year out. But what does it take to do that? Ron Fagin talks about how it all worked for him.
Cool Microservers Power Cosmology Big Data Project Matteo Cossale A Zurich-based nanotechnology engineer talks about the role he and his team played in designing the microservers that will power the SKA-funded radio telescope.
Identity Mixer: Letting The Right People Know Just Enough Gregory Neven Zurich-based cryptographer talks about an open source, cloud-based technology that encrypts, or securely encodes, your generic identity so that hackers cannot steal personal data — and websites will not have the near-impossible burden of protecting it.
Keeping Data in the Neighborhood Fadi Gebara Austin-based researcher talks about how IBM and its partners are bringing the data-centric paradigm to scientific, engineering and national security data projects at the Lawrence Livermore and Oak Ridge National Laboratories.
Will Crowdsourcing and Data Stem the Ebola Outbreak? Saska Mojsilovic  IBM Fellow Saska Mojsilovic talks about the first steps she and her colleagues at IBM are taking with the Ebola Open Data Jam and a crowdsourcing project called MapGive to create “data maps” that could help public health teams contain the spread of the disease
Volunteers and Algorithms Deliver Funds Kush Varshney Kush Varshney talks about the work he did with data journalist Brian Abelson, a crew of social innovators and twenty idealistic volunteers to target a problem half-way around the world.

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