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Personal Mobile Hub - overview

Personal Mobile Hub 2003-2005

A personal mobile hub serves a gateway between body worn sensors, wrist watch computers and the internet. The IBM hub, demonstrated in 2002, is built from the Linux Watch platform, and includes both long and short range wireless connectivity. This three tier configuration allows the sensor designers to focus on ergonomics, aesthetics and accuracy instead of attempting to pack end to end functionality in the sensor unit. Clearly, the personal mobile hub can be shared between multiple body worn devices and allows the user to add more devices to his constellation over time. The PMH also includes storage and software to collect data and analyze it to detect patterns. The rules for triggering alerts and notifications can be upgraded even after the device is purchased. One possible use for the PMH is shown in the IBM mHealth toolkit, developed by researchers in IBM Zurich, that allows body worn biometric sensors to relay information to health care providers.

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Mobile Hubhub

More information about the Personal Mobile Hub is available in the following publication.

Personal Mobile Hub, Dirk Husemann, Chandra Narayanaswami, Michael Nidd, Proc of 8th Intl Symposium on Wearable Computers (ISWC) 2004, pp. 85-91.