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Mobile Loyalty - overview

Mobile Loyalty 2008 - First of a Kind project with Large Grocer
  • Deliver personalized coupons to shoppers on their personal phones soon after shopper enters store and advertises his or her presence.
  • Coupons can be redeemed at the cash register at the end of the current visit.
  • Most shoppers now have cell phones, store costs can be low – no $1000 shopping carts
  • Targeted coupons can increase customer loyalty – some people have no time for coupon clipping, also no “clipping coupons” stigma
  • TShoppers want instant gratification, not collect coupons for a future visit
  • In store coupon programs possible – customized to current inventory and demand
  • Shoppers can preserve privacy if they wish – they are not tracked
  • Reduce coupon mailing costs and support green initiatives
  • SMS Pushing Service
    • Currently used to push summary of coupons
    • Can be used to push arbitrary messages to enrollees
  • Enrollment Service
    • Used to store enrollee information
    • RFID Tag ID
    • Card ID
    • Household ID
    • Mobile Phone Number
  • Customer Tracking Service
    • Tracks recent visits
    • Used to remember which coupons sent
    • Can be extended to remember various notifications sent
  • Business Logic Interaction Service
    • Currently used to retrieve current Mobiloyalty Offers from offer repositories
    • Can operate against backend web service, or sandbox file 

More details can be found in IBM Research Report RC25236

Mobile Devices Meet Customer Loyalty (First of a Kind (FOAK) Project Summary, Alan Cole, Scott McFaddin, Chandra Narayanaswami, Alpana Tiwari,  IBM RC25236 , 2011