Reference Library for Sequencing the Food Supply Chain (SFSC) Consortium     


Reference Library for Sequencing the Food Supply Chain (SFSC) Consortium - overview

Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

Journal of Food Protection: Framework for Managing Mycotoxin Risks in the Food Industry 

Science Direct: A modeling framework to accelerate food-borne outbreak investigations

Science Direct: Geospatial Resolution of Human and Bacterial Diversity with City-Scale Metagenomics


Panel at Future of Food Summit (co-sponsored by Mars)

Diplomatic Courier: Future of Food Summit 2015 - Uncommon Collaborations

Summit Recap FOF Summary article_6_15.docx


News Articles

TIME Magazine: IBM Thinks it Can make Your Food Safer: Will it Work?

Wired Magazine: How Sequencing Foods' DNA Could Help Us Prevent Diseases

MIT Technology Review: More precise knowledge of the bacteria in our guts could lead to better-targeted treatments for chronic conditions

CBS: Sewage Bacteria Levels Reveal Which Cities Have Weight Problems

Reuters: Threat to Contaminate New Zealand Infant Formula Over Pesticide Use

Food Safety News: Very Small Number of Dairies Found Illegally Using Antibiotics

Civil Eats: Study Links Widely Used Pesticides to Antibiotic Resistance

Time: What We Learn When We Sequence the Genes of an Entire Nation

The Economist: Out of a Pickle

The New York Times: Private Eyes in the Grocery Aisles

Frontline: The Trouble with Chicken

FOOD Big data is future for better food safety

The Jakarta Post: Govt warned of plastic rice

The New York Times: In China, Stomachs Turn at News of 40-Year-Old Meat Peddled by Traders

FutureFood 2050: Stopping foodborne illness in its tracks

The Scientist: Microbiome Teams Up Against C. diff

Grist: We recall 100 blue whales' worth of meat a year

Food Ingredients First: Genomic Research to Identify Salmonella Strains That Cause Human Disease

Reuters: FDA wants food companies to hand over their pathogens

The Guardian: Inside China's fake alcohol industry

Food Safety News: Conversation Begins About How to Collect On-Farm Antibiotic Use Data

The Scientist: Microbiome Meals

Food Safety News: California Governor Signs Bill Regulating Animal Antibiotics

The New York Times: Scientists Urge National Initiative on Microbiomes

BBC News (Health Journal): Competing bacteria in gut maintain health - study

The Telegraph: 80% of chickens from Mars & Spencer and Sainsbury's carry deadly superbug

CPS Center for Produce Safety: Does Salmonella move through the irrigation systems of mixed produce farms of the southeastern United States?

Silicon Valley Business Journal: IBM project could help reduce the chances you'll get sick after you eat

Cornell Chronicle: New Institute for Food Safety to fight foodborne illness

Genome Web: Outbreak Tracking, Infectious Disease Diagnostics Becoming Key Applications for NGS

Reuters: Wal-Mart supplier recalls 90,000 lbs of potentially contaminated meat

Reuters: Chinese farmers are illegally growing GMO corn - Greenpeace

Food Ingredients First: Major Progress in Wheat Genome Sequencing Research

GenomeWeb: Brief this Week: Bio-Rad, Douglas Scientific, Applied DNA Sciences and More (needs registration)

Food Quality News: Bio-Rad joins Mars and IBM-led food safety consortium

Food Safety News: Preventing Outbreaks a Matter of How, Not When

Fortune: Your Food's Bacteria is a Big Data Gold Mine

Fortune: Here's Chipotle's Plan for Never Having Another E. Coli Disaster

Bioscience Technology: Food Safety Consortium to Tackle Foodborne Illness

Food Processing Technology: IBM and Mars introduce a new consortium to ensure global food safety

Food Dive: Mars, IBM aim to improve food safety by tracking a food's microbiome

Food Quality & Safety: Consortium Conducting Largest-Ever Metagenomics Study

New York Times: Genetic Test Firm to Put Customers’ Data in Public Domain

Resource: Using big data to breed perfect potatoes

Science: Search results: Careers in high tech 

The New York Times: Huge Recall of Frozen Fruits and Vegetables After Listeria Outbreak

ABC News: Superbug E. Coli Found for Just Second Time in US

Food Safety News: IAFP 2016 - Feds channel The Stones: You can't always get what you want

San Jose Mercury News: R&D still prized at innovative IBM lab_2016.pdf

Food Safety News: Victim warns expectant moms about food safety complications

PMI Institute:  Cooking in the Dark 



Nature: Artificial intelligence joins hunt for human-animal diseases

Nature: Feeding the 10 billion


Consumer Reports Studies

ConsumerReports: How safe is your shrimp?


TED Talks

Rob Knight: How our microbes make us who we are

Robert Prill: The microbes in our food can save lives - if we listen


Press Releases

IBM presents data-driven agriculture insighs at the Women in Agribusiness Summit (8.24.2015)

Bio-Rad Joins Food Safety Consortium with IBM and Mars, Incorporated


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DNA is the new data for keeping food safe